CrossFit Collective offers Business To Business support in helping to facilitate the culture of health prioritization at your business. What we offer to our members can now be delivered to your business, or we are happy to set up a corporate account for attendance at our facility.


Most us work at a business for at least 40 hours a week. We work with others, and whether we care to admit it or not, we influence each other for better or worse. Add to that, the financial burden of increased cost of providing health insurance by your company related to a need for healthy lifestyle adjustments. We can also agree that a positive environment at work leads to greater productivity and morale. The fact is, the work place is the perfect environment to experience camaraderie, motivation, accountability, and even resources oriented around healthy living. If our minds are sharp, and our bodies are healthy, not only will our productivity rise, but so will our loyalty to the people and places that facilitate these virtues.

how your business can start

Our support is based on our curriculum of "Owning The Basics", or O.T.B. for short. We create measurable, goal-oriented, group participation experiences that cover nutrition, lifestyle (sleep/stress detox/connections), and fitness markers. In just one hour onsite at your business, we can lead any size group through accountability, support, and fitness challenges that progress with each individual. In other words, anyone can join in at any time, and progress at their own ability. Admittedly, this program isn't focused on the most health conscious employees, although they will appreciate the accountability and challenge; our OTB curriculum is meant to help the business reduce health insurance premiums, reduce absenteeism, create a healthy culture, and build morale and company loyalty. Your employees will be feeling and seeing health improvements week after week.

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Options of B2b support

Option 1)

Corporate Membership Punch Pass

  • Purchase a quantity of attendances that all employees can use

  • Rates based on amounts purchased

  • Ex: 100 attendances at $15 / 150 attendances at $12 / 200 attendances at $10

Option 2)

Subsidised Membership

  • Company pays a certain percentage of standard membership to CFC

  • Tiered membership discounts creates incentive to employees to encourage each other

  • Ex: 10% for 5 / 15% for 10 / 20% for 15+

Option 3)

On-site Coaching at your business or Private coaching at our facility.

  • 1-3x/week

  • "Own The Basics" of health and fitness curriculum (lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, teamwork, etc)

  • Pre-purchased set fee.


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