Sugar In Your WOD

Stop slapping the panic button every week when you don’t get enough sugar in your workout routine. The button isn’t connected to anything anyway, at least to any principles of general development and longevity. We hit the button and start repping out whatever lift is our sugar, but then wonder why our weaknesses remain after months or even years. If this were a nutrition rant, I’d be telling you to put the protein bottle down, and go get some real sleep or recover more in some way. 

Fitness is skill applied. How much and at what cost? That’s for you to decide. More variety of skill, more ways to apply fitness. Want to specialize? Let go of CrossFit method. Want to compete? Develop a plan, And then actually do it. Chances are, that plan needs to be very individualized, as competing exposes YOUR weaknesses. Want to just be better than everyone else in a very small pond? Then just admit it, and carry on. No plan required.

Jeremiah Williams