A Candid Look Into Professional Coaching Services

The Set Up

Female / 5’-3” / 42 / 103.2lb LMM

Female / 5’-1” / 23 / 94.1lb LMM

Male / 6’-0” / 30 / 159.6lb LMM

Female / 5’-3” / 22 / 99lb LMM

Female / 5’-9” / 21 / 130.2lb LMM

Male / 5’-11” / 25 / 170.2lb LMM

Male / 6’-4” / 34 / 193.8lb LMM

Female / 5’-1” / 26 / 89.5lb LMM

Male / 5’-5” / 58 / 146.4lb LMM

Female / 5’-2” / 61 / 90.2lb LMM

Male / 6’-2” / 46 / 215lb LMM

Male / 6’-3” / 37 / 191.6lb LMM


The Variables

The list above describes just 12 of the most recent clients the Collective has committed to guiding into greater health and fitness. Hop in my shoes for a moment, and consider these questions:

Would you say that anyone of these people matter more as a client? Young and athletic? Older and sedentary? Over fat and stressed out? Immobile and fearful? Competitor? Mother? Father?…etc. Of course, we would assign value to each person for just being a human, as well as a money paying client, right? But, on a deeper level, what if an unprofessional Coach assigned bias based on his experience and preference for a amount of athletic ability? That would be terrible, and yet it happens ALL the time when prospective clients are rushed into group training or no respect is given to a persons individual goals and function in life.

Do you think that all of these profiles listed should do the exact same fitness training plan?

Do you think the same nutrition template is right for all of them?

Wouldn’t it make sense to find out as many details about each person’s current physiology, movement competency, health history, current nutrition routine/knowledge, state of hydration, life function, sleep/recovery protocols, goals, and current fitness capacities they each have? 

Now, think about all of these people, and add a layer of complexity, by assigning a “training age” to each, which is time of exposure skills and intensity, that ranges from “0” to 5+ years. Do you think that a single generic workout in a group setting is the most efficient and appropriate thing for each person? 


The Dilemma

Why am I arguing against Group Training if I’m the owner of a CrossFit affiliate? Glad you asked. Let's start with some definition of fitness training, as it relates to the services of CrossFit Collective.

Group Training is a strategy to meet the market demand for motivation, fun, and in my business, fitness. CrossFit is a method, of constantly varied functional fitness, at high intensity, and that is all it is. It’s not community; good people create this. It’s not personalized; great Coaches do this. Put the two (Group Training and CrossFit) together, and clearly there is a demand for, and a value on, participating in a well run and professionally coached program using CrossFit methodology. We're coming up on 9 years of providing this combination, and I'm proud of the way in which we do so. (However, I am never satisfied!)

Individual Design programming (ID) takes detailed personal parameters and designs a holistic approach to developing better health and fitness within the confines of one's lifestyle, responsibilities, and function. It requires no class times, just prioritization within a schedule. Friends can still meet at the gym at the same time, and enjoy eating healthy together wherever they want. They just have different training plans per individual needs and goals. 

Although the market may not be educated to the existence of this service, I can see that the need for this service is very high. Hey, consider yourself informed! (More detail can be found in our website or by contacting us.)

To the point, these two options are what a Coach (a gym like ours) must provide simultaneously, or they will push Group Training alone for everyone and try to serve all those profiles listed above (and many more) in a generic way. Again, it's fun, motivating, and technically "doing CrossFit", but is it functional? That is the question. That is the dilemma of the conscientious and professional Coach.


The CFC Solution

The clients we serve at CFC range from early teens to grandparents in their 70’s, and on any given day, you could find them working out next to each other. However, the training our clients are working through is monitored to be appropriate in two distinct ways.

The First Way....

If a client wants to participate in our Group Training Classes, the individual must past an personal assessment of competency of movement, health history, body composition, and medication screening in conjunction with a medical Doctor. If the individual mets minimal requirements (objectively scored), they will move into a personal orientation session focused on our Own The Basics (OTB) standards. After this point, they are eligible for unlimited membership to our group training, with understanding that until they pass all minimum capacity standards, certain apparatus and intensity parameters are not appropriate. Our Coaches of each class work with these individuals to hold them accountable and inspire each person’s best efforts. 

Despite the premium expression of coaching we deliver, there are limitations to this service. We cannot provide personal nutrition accountability, macro changes to the daily workout for the classes, or accountability to appropriate dosing of intensity in effort. Nonetheless, we daily lead a holistic approach to every workout that is presented, with care to teach mobility, skill, and build trustworthy relationships with our clients. Nutrition guidance and biased weakness training are too personal to consistently match up in a group setting. That's just the way it is. Therefore, we provide those services separately.

The Second Way...

The second way appropriateness is monitored is through receiving either in-person 1-on-1 training (PT), or Individual Design (ID) programming that conveniently goes wherever our clients need to workout (gym, home, or wherever). These services cover body composition, nutrition guidance, lifestyle strategy, detailed fitness training, and constant contact with a Coach. There is still a lot of opportunity to workout next to others, have conversation, and generally contribute to the good community vibe, but the work they do is on their own time, and meets specific needs and goals.

A portion of the profiles above have opted to take this second channel of service, and a more personal means to the same general goal: Live long in health and fitness! 

The Next Step

Please understand, that I share all of this to inform the current and prospective clients out there of the reality of how one can achieve excellent health and fitness via two distinct commitments and coaching services. What you prioritize in the experience of achieving a new level of health should inform your decision more than what might be the pop cultural norm. There are many other forms of Group Training out there, although CrossFit method happens to be well known in this day and age. For example, we also provide mobility and weightlifting specifically, in a group setting. From years of experience, we guide you through minimum standards for participation in our CrossFit classes to express our care for your safety and for the integrating of diverse skill and prerogatives amongst our clients. 

Whether you're a teenager or grandparent, or just really sick of an unhealthy lifestyle, we want to help you find your way to a long life of freedom in health. We ask that you would be patient, relentless, and humble enough to start "owning the basics", and we promise great changes will happen quickly! Whether you choose, Individual Design or Group Training, we are committed to meeting the needed standards for professionalism and service that you deserve.