Beginner's Guide To CrossFit Collective

So you ever walked into a gym and thought…

“what the heck do I do now? I guess I will just hit the treadmill for cardio today!” Well, as you’d expect, that’s not how your experience as a member will have to go…EVER!

Here at CrossFit Collective we provide you with programming and instruction that fosters your current abilities, future goals and personality!

Our “judgment free” environment is built for men and women who want to live longer, stronger lives. With professional onsite coaches you are always given real time instruction on how to move your body properly, as well as guidance throughout your session so you get the most out of your workout every time you come in.

Here’s what your first month will look like, after you schedule your consultation:



At your consultation we want to mostly hear from you, about your current lifestyle, what’s been working, what hasn’t been working, what your goals are, and what your excited or apprehensive about in starting at a Functional Fitness gym like ours.

From there, we’ll answer any and all questions you could possibly have about our facility, our mission, and how it will work for YOU!

Lastly, we will schedule your two personal training sessions included in our unique Assessment and Orientation Month. This is your first month of membership and it is packed full of personal support and easy to follow steps to build a balanced approach to healthy living.



Your first month with us is called the Assessment and Orientation Month (AOM), and it's incredibly valued packed! You’ll be lead through:

·      An initial one-on-one session for personal movement and base fitness capacity assessments for safety and baseline metrics, understanding pacing, and set your first fitness workout benchmark

·      A second one-on-one session to be personally oriented to common movements used in our group training classes, and learn how to warm-up effectively

·      Personal prescription for appropriate alternatives to complex movements often featured in CrossFit method group training

·      Orientation to opportunities to engage in community activities

·      Introduction to all of our Coaches

·      Easy to follow directions on how to Own The Basics of nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices

·      Unlimited access to our group training class portfolio for the remainder of your AOM (20+ classes!)

Your orientation also includes:

·      Where to store your personal items.

·      Where to access your programming.

·      How to communicate with coaches and sign up for classes.

·      How to track your progress (best methods and technology)

·      Where to access sanitizing wipes and spray to clean equipment after use.


·      Comfortable, lightweight clothing that allows you to move.  

·      Gym appropriate clothing such as sweat pants, yoga wear, shorts, t-shirts and tank tops. Use a layer system in the cooler seasons of the year.


·      A personal towel to use during your workout.

·      A water/sports bottle will ensure you can remain hydrated during your workout. We sell bottled water and various quality drinks available for you if you choose


            As you would appreciate, we strive to exceed expectations of our members for training in a clean and germ-free environment. Obviously, we can’t stop everything, but we want to be aware if you are feeling under the weather, have open wounds, or other potential contagions. If we can offer council, a form of protection (band-aid), or alternative planning, we are happy to help.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

(717) 669-3780