Beyond The Scale


InBody BIA Screening Service


    While there are many ways to measure fitness (e.g.: clothing size, 5k time, squat weight), sometimes the most satisfying way to prove your hard work is paying off is body composition. A Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) composition scale is a fast and easy way to track balance of muscle, fat, and water levels in your body.  BIA likewise helps create correlates between training and nutrition priorities, allowing you to wire your nutrition and training together in a positive feedback loop. When we know exactly how much fat we have (possibly to loose), how much muscle (maybe to gain) and in which segments of the body, practical guidance for macro-nutrient intake is easy as reading a chart, and your next steps are customized to your body and your goals.

    By prioritizing holistic development of nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness, you are setting yourself up for success for the long term, while still enjoying the success of  attaining near-term goals. Over your life time, and in short seasons of life, habits and routines can change dramatically, i.e. What a 20 year old might be able to eat is far different than a 60 year old.  So should their training be. Tracking and measuring these needs and body types (and all those in between) is the best way to ensure your nutrition and training are aligned. Using the metrics of body composition doesn’t have to be ambiguous or as subjective as you might think.

    To accurately measure individual quantities of fat, muscle, and water in particular, CrossFit Collective has invested in the InBody 270, a medical grade BIA device capable of providing all of this data in clear, logical format.  We’re excited for you to give it a try.


Service Options

    We will be offering a complementary trial of this InBody device for all members.  You’ll get a report of your current composition values, and suggestions for finding normative values through diet and exercise.

    After your introductory analysis, we offer “subscriptions” for 3, 6, and 12 use punch cards. Simply sign up at the front desk and begin routine tracking, typically about every 4 weeks or as you make changes in your nutrition profile. With each use, take advantage of Q&A opportunity with Coach Jeremiah. These subscriptions will run $75 (3x), $135 (6x), or $240 (12x).


    Our Nutrition Breakthrough, Personal Training, and Individual Design Programs will include regular use of the InBody as part of the program investment.

    Finally, if you’re not a member of CrossFit Collective, we offer a Body Composition Consultation for $50. We will administer a screening, interpret results, and offer personalized directions for both nutrition and fitness development based on goals and analysis.


    Complementary trial screenings will be offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings for two weeks starting April 30th to May 11th, as well as Saturday mornings from 9am to 11am on May 5th and 12th.


    Please note, your analysis will be more accurate if you do not eat or exercise 2 hours prior to the screening. If these are unavoidable, contact Coach Jeremiah for possible alternative appointment times.


    Either prior too, or once you have completed the screening, refer to the video below that guides you through interpreting your results.


We are excited to support your journey of forging fitness and living out your vitality!