What you get...

Assessments - No guessing! We assess your nutrition, health history, lifestyle resiliency, body composition, mobility, and physical capacities before we write your complete ID program.

Inclusions - Full access to our medical grade Inbody BIA scaleeasy to use coaching software from FitBot, and full access to our gym and onsite coaches.

Accountability - Unlimited communication through your Fitbot account, and check-in's with your coach scheduled routinely.

Flexibility - Perform your programmed workouts whenever/wherever

Motivation  - Upload your performance videos and receive coaching feedback

Community - Train with other ID clients or enjoy the energy of our community whenever you come in to the gym. You're a part of our tribe!

There is nothing more practical then following a plan designed completely for YOU! Our ID programming offers flexibility of training time, holistic support for sustainability, and training programming that is designed with your needs and goals in mind. 

After three 1-on-1 initial assessment, You will be free to use our facility to implement your fitness training, or have your programming designed for you to train anywhere you want. That's right! From week to week, or completely remotely, we can accommodate your lifestyle.

We enhance the efficient connection between coach and client using the amazing FITBOT software, so you never miss a beat, no matter how crazy your life gets.

Having a close relationship with a coach, executing a plan custom made for you, and seeing your progress build over time is the recipe for longevity and resilient living!

I recently participated in shadey’s rugged run at Lancaster bible college. This mud obstacle course was a great test of my physical abilities and I was able to complete the course with two friends from the collective as well. A good time was had by all and it was really interesting that we all agreed that we viewed the obstacles as rest periods rather than work periods (which I’m sure not everyone could say while running it!). Crossfit collective definitely has prepared us to conquer any obstacle that may come our way!
— Kerri Althouse

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