The foundation of our health is developed by what we eat and drink. Nutrition is made to sound like a complicated problem that only an overpriced generic program can solve. This couldn't be further from the truth. CrossFit Collective's Nutrition Breakthrough Program puts you in the driver's seat and equips you to be the one in control of the lifelong responsibility of caring for your body, mind, and spirit. 




  • To bring understanding of purpose, and feel the benefits of good nutritional habits

  • To enjoy eating healthy foods, and have a proper relationship with food

  • To create measurable progress through practical health markers

  • To create sustainable healthy habits that become your lifestyle priorities



  • Creating awareness and prepare to take a lifelong "journey"

  • Eating nutrient-dense whole food with low processing; starting with protein (meat or other form) and vegetables. Seeds, nuts, fruit, starches, and fats fill in the "space on the plate"

  • Practicing excellent food hygiene to maximize absorption

  • Eating the right amount at the right time based on your lifestyle

  • Measuring health markers like body composition, perceived energy levels, and recovery needs

  • Weather the challenges and variables no matter how crazy your life gets


1) We start off with an introductory phone call about 1 week before our first consultation. We'll ask you to do some preparatory journaling along with filling out a health & nutrition history questionnaire. 

2) We will meet to review your food journal, assess your body composition through our Beyond The Scale service, and assist you in creating obtainable goals for every day and week.

3) Daily check-in's through various means of communication will keep your motivation high, and assure success when challenges arise.

4) Meet with your coach after 4 weeks to review health markers, and assess the next best steps for you.

There is no secret recipe!

We are simply well educated and experienced in using principles of a sustainable and well designed program. We apply them to YOUR current lifestyle. Developing your resiliency is the "secret" to our proven tactics. 

There are no drastic steps in this program. We build on your success with accountability and goal-setting from week to week.

We are unbiased, and consider your beliefs, intolerances, and preferences in palatability in our guidance. We never push a "one size fits all" agenda on you.


THAT'S IT! Remember, we are likely working together to make changes to your nutrition that re-direct possible decades of low adherence to healthy habits. You will see improvements in 4 weeks, but depending on how intensive you make YOUR Nutrition Breakthrough, it's common to continue with your coach for several more months. We aren't pushy about this. We only want you to OWN lasting change in your lifestyle. It can take some time to do so, and we're here to help!

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