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-Competency in meeting the needs of our clients and facilitating each person's expression of wellness.

-Reliability is priceless when you know you can count on our Coaches to follow through with everything we offer from consistency of how we lead classes to leading by example in living out our priorities.

-Care enough to put your experience as our priority. Care enough to speak encouragement, keep your training as safe as possible, and challenge you to be the best version of you possible.

It's the DNA of our business, and everything we offer is integrated with these core values. From administering programming to simply responding to email exchanges, our staff keeps these priorities in sight. All of these drive us to build relationships with our members, as the more we understand your priorities and goals, the more dialed in our coaching can be. Let us prove it to you!

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As mentioned all over this website, we value building relationships first and foremost in order to build a foundation for longevity. We have created a programming system that dials in just where you are on the map of health and fitness, so that we can guide you to where you want to go. Consider us a sophisticated GPS that not only is competent to set you up for success from day 1, but can adjust to your lifestyle variables, while still offering support and an appropriate amount of challenge. Relationship building makes this possible. Our expertise lay out your course; your hard work and passion see it all through. 

Every new client goes through initial assessments to get objective understanding of what is the SAFEST, and MOST EFFECTIVE movements, equipment, and intensity format specific to their needs. 

We furthermore, orient you to all movements and equipment you'll use in the initial phase of following our programming. We want you to spend time enjoying every minute of your experience instead of getting stressed out about your own safety, or all the new skills you are learning.

Our service is always oriented around "the basics" of sustainable health: 

  • Eating the right amount of real food that's nutrient dense. 
  • Sleeping enough and recovering vitality daily. 
  • Moving to be more skillful and capable of your personal function.
  • Connecting with others in positive ways, and always learning.

We emphasize nutrition as a foundation, recovery for growth, learning to become self-sustaining, discipline in movement, and exploration in application.