Your first month with us is called the Assessment and Orientation Month (AOM), and it's incredibly valued packed!

  • Initial one-on-one session for personal movement & base fitness capacity assessments for safety and baseline orientation ($75 value)
  • A second one-on-one session to be personally oriented to common movements used in our group training classes ($75 value)
  • Personal prescription for appropriate alternatives to complex movements often featured in CrossFit group training
  • Orientation to opportunities to engage in community activities
  • Introduction to all of our Coaches
  • Easy to follow directions on how to Own The Basics of nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Unlimited access to our group training class portfolio for the remainder of your AOM (20+ classes valued at $200)

A $350 VALUE


Membership Options

We pride ourselves on not being the cheapest gym in town – and we hope that cheap is not what you’re looking for.
Our price is reflective in the unparalleled level of service that we provide and lifelong valuation of a healthy lifestyle.



Professional Coaches - We earn your trust as we prove ourselves by representing our Core Values of: Competency, Reliability, and Care.

Unbiased (scalable) Programming - visible a week in advanced every Sunday.

Support - Every session is consistently inclusive of any of our members needs.

Motivation - Exciting and fun connections with other like-minded individuals.

Challenge - "Own The Basics" and the sky's the limit!

Time - Attend our Open Gym or hang out pre/post class and enjoy our

7000 sqft "playground" and community.

Measurability - See progress by tracking health and performance markers.

Our Group Training programming aims to include the practicality of functional fitness development with the magic of connecting with individuals with like-minded goals. Encouragement, challenge, reaching goals, and building confidence are in abundance with your commitment to make our classes a staple in your weekly schedule. 

We are proud to offer CrossFit method general fitness classes, as well as specific classes for endurance (bike, row, and run), weightlifting, and mobility. The reason we offer more than just a well run CrossFit class, is so you can mix the exposure of specific aspects of fitness, and tap into the deep and broad expertise of our coaching staff. 

Having a prototypical exercise background in weight lifting, running, and calisthenics, I was honestly skeptical to try Crossfit. However, after spending a month at Crossfit Collective I am both pleased and surprised with both the advancements I made and the fun I had. Not only did the coaches push me to perfect my form and push my limits during each workout, I enjoyed myself at the same time. Both the coaches and other athletes exercising at Crossfit Collective are all incredibly friendly and helpful. For anyone skeptical to try Crossfit like I was, I would advise you to give it a chance. Change is good and who knows, you may like it.
— Philip Wubbolt

Come be a part of something extraordinary!

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