We believe that each person has unique priorities, circumstances, and needs when it comes to living out a sustainable resiliency and peak health. That is why we approach each of our clients without bias and in full respect to principles of optimizing health and fitness. We assess through accurate means, apply appropriate prescription, and teach you the way to become autonomous moving forward. That’s right, our goal is to solve the problem, and be ready for your next step forward.

Whether you want to focus on nutrition, lifestyle, or a fitness goal, we can accommodate any of these key pieces of vitality, according to your commitment.

“I came to Holly’s small fitness group keen on making some changes to my body. I am sticking with it because her personalized approach to CrossFit is changing my life! Holly coaches our small group through a series of challenging but fun movements that develop strength, flexibility, and balance. We sweat, groan and laugh as we focus on good form (no injury!), progression from one challenge to the next, and control over our fitness habits and routines. Most of all, I love the confidence that comes from realizing how this growing connection to my body can drive my health, relationships, and joy for years to come.”
— Elizabeth Walmer

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