As you venture towards becoming healthier, stronger, faster, and most importantly, more functional, we'd love to offer a few helpful tools. Cheers!

We care immensely about performing our movements with good form and mastering the basics. Check out this playlist of videos which give detailed instructions on how to do just that. Look for your favorite movement, take the tips, and practice them with little to no weight next time you're in our gym!

Music is powerful. It can change your mood, inspire you, and move you to push harder than you thought possible. Here are a few songs that can help intensify your next WOD. If you have any songs that have done it for you, feel free to contact us with the song title and artist name!

We recommend listening on the Spotify app and on Shuffle mode. Follow us on Spotify for more playlists to come. Enjoy!

10 Min Ginger Sesame Carrot Noodles & Tempeh | Gluten Free – Vegan

One of our members (Sarah Lanphier Himes) is the proud co-owner of Sarah's Snacks! Here's a recipe from her website that is full of fuel for your next WOD. Click on (or tap) the image to get the recipe. Cheers!