Jeremiah Williams - Owner, Coach

I'm a grateful husband, a proud father of 3 young boys, and a driven business owner. These are my priorities. Believe me, I understand how valuable time is. I've had a great amount of opportunity to play and participate in both endurance and other fitness competitions, as well as holding down occupations demanding high physical fitness. I love "the grind", but at 40 years old, with all I've got going on, I choose to embrace the most intelligent and efficient path to live a life of health and fitness because of my priorities. That's my "why". 


As the Owner of CrossFit Collective, I give the vision and oversee my team of coaches both in group training and personal training, alike. With over a decade of guiding individuals in their health management, I never tire of seeing a client transform their own lives into their best selves. My favorite aspect is in working with individuals 1-on-1, and creating a highly successful experience in their day.


Allyson Cohen - Coach, Admin. Asst.

After four years of collegiate rugby, I hopped on the CrossFit bandwagon at full sprint. As it turns out, hitting other people with your body over acquisition of an egg shaped ball is easily translatable to picking up heavy weights and pushing to finish the workout before the other athletes...the main difference being that it's frowned upon to tackle people in the parking lot of the gym. I will always enjoy the intensity of a CrossFit workout, but nowadays I have a lot more respect for the nutritional and functional movement aspects of training too. I love when all the pieces come together, both for me personally and for my athletes. That's my "why".


At CrossFit Collective, I am an administrator by day and coach by night. I love both parts of my job. The administrative work is crucial to our business running smoothly, and coaching is such a fulfilling way to connect with and help people. My favorite thing is when someone has that "click" of finally understanding a complex movement like a clean or a snatch, and that infectious smile spreads over their face! 


Scott Podgurski - Coach

Husband, Father, Coach, and Teacher. All titles I go by within the course of most days. They often merge, and I am driven to be the best I can at all of them. Time being what it is, I don't always succeed, but I always try. Recently I have taken on the role of "Master Athlete"....This just means I'm older than most. It also means I have a wealth of experience to share.   Through the years I have had the opportunity to compete in team sports, endurance events, and most recently Crossfit events. Over the last decade I have found a transition from competition to teaching that brought me where I am today.  I come through the doors of our gym with an excitement and a love to share what I have learned with others.  The best part about it is how much I enjoy being here.  There's a comfort in our community that always makes my days better.  My goal is to make this the best part of your day. 

As a coach at Collective, I am committed to your health. I have a particular passion for endurance training. I believe every workout we do should be approached with a specific pace focused on growth. Not everyday is a competition or test. As a matter of fact, most days are an opportunity to prepare for your test. For some that is preparing for athletic specific competitions, for others it is simply being a fitter version of yourself. Whatever it is, I want to help write these plans and give you an approach that is best for you.


Holly Mann - Coach

In 2014 I came to Crossfit Collective looking for an opportunity to become a group trainer.  Although I've had many roles over the last few years, you will currently find me leading our 9:15 class throughout the week. I absolutely love the energy the group setting provides!  My desire for a deeper connection with our members has made me realize I wanted to expand the relationship past the one hour of fitness training. This realization has guided me to include more Personal Training, Small Group Training, Individual Program Design, Nutrition Accountability and Corporate Wellness.  These different styles of coaching allow me to offer a more comprehensive and personalized approach to helping someone improve their life. 

The quality of our physical activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management is ultimately what determines the quality of our life.  I want to encourage people to really observe and notice the patterns they find in each of these areas of their life.  Keep the good ones, replace the bad ones.  Gradually improving one habit at a time eventually leads us to living a whole new life!  I have the skills and a strong desire to teach our members how to create healthy habits into their daily routines.  I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to build such a deeply satisfying career in health & wellness with the community at Crossfit Collective! 


Chris Potter - Coach

I've been here since the doors opened.  I assert no authority, only experience.  I beat cancer-—two rounds anyway.  I ran with the bulls, and I hate running.  I used to coach English.  Now I teach exercise.  I don't like kids, except my own.  Usually.  Stretching is dead; strive for healthy tissue.  Healthy tissue is pain free and allows full range of motion.  It takes a lifetime to get strong.  Be patient.  But be relentless also. Be patient and relentless.  This could make you less likable, but you'll have self-respect, and that's worth a fair number friends.  If heaven ain't a lot like the gym, I don't want to go.

MA Johns Hopkins University
BA Dickinson College
Lancaster School of Massage
Anatomy Trains Strutural Integration
CrossFit: Level 1, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Movement & Mobility


Hollie Tripp - Coach

I am a scientist (PhD), knitting enthusiast, and a bona fide cat lady from Columbia, South Carolina! I got my L1 certification in 2011 after starting Crossfit as a way to rehab a knee from a rugby-related injury; I have been at Collective since 2015. My absolute favorite thing about coaching is helping individuals learn how to master their muscles and take control of their health! 


I have heard every excuse under the sun for why people can't do Crossfit: I'm too old, too out of shape, not that intense, etc. I have coached a 70+ year old woman, individuals who haven't worked out in years, and people who have never lifted weights in their lives. You don't have to be fit to get fit and I'm proud to be part of a gym that will meet people where they are.


Ryan Lacy - Coach

Growing up in Florida I was very lucky to compete in both football and weightlifting during high school.  In Florida, weightlifting is a high school sport and I was fortunate to attend a high school that was a powerhouse in weightlifting (and to a lesser degree football).  At the age of 14 I learned how to clean & jerk and have been hooked to Olympic weightlifting ever since.  I went on to play college football and I was able to help my teammates power/squat clean properly based on my experience in high school.  This was my first chance to coach (informally) and helping athletes perform to their maximum potential is an awesome feeling that also helped our team on the field, a win-win scenario.  

After college, I saw a picture of a friend (a college teammate) doing cleans in what I would later learn was a Crossfit gym.  My buddy told me that Olympic lifting was a major part of Crossfit and I should try it out.  I joined a Crossfit gym - dusted off my weightlifting shoes and learned I was capable of a lot of other stuff as well (I’m talking to you double-unders, pullups, handstand pushups), I was hooked.  

As a college faculty member, I teach students in the classroom and the laboratory.  The way I see it, I am also teaching at the gym because coaching is really just teaching but the modalities have changed.  In Crossfit, we learn a lot about our strengths/weaknesses and just like in the classroom we work hard to minimize our weaknesses so we perform well when tested. 

About Me: left-handed, cat lover, college football fan, trivia aficionado, gadget enthusiast

2000-2002: 3x High School State Champion – Weightlifting (FL)

2006: All-American – Kenyon College (Football Gazette)

2011: American Open Qualifier

B.A. in Psychology - Kenyon College

Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience - University of South Carolina


Ken Urban - Coach

I am a husband to my beautiful wife Lacey, and a proud father of 4 wild and adventurous children who constantly keep me on my toes. I do not have a strong athletic background other than some triathlons and running events that I have participated in. However, when I discovered Crossfit it changed how I viewed health, fitness, and nutrition. In 2013 while on deployment, attached to Seal Team 5, I discovered this thing called Crossfit and was immediately hooked. 

I have been with Crossfit Collective since January 2017 and I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of people. I have traveled all over the world and have visited many Crossfit gyms and I have not found anything like CFC. The community is strong and the coaching staff cares deeply about the overall health of it’s membership. I love the people here and strive every day to meet the needs of everyone who walks in the doors.


Rob Crippen - Coach

I discovered crossfit many moons ago during my collegiate rugby career. I was looking for an off-season training program that encompassed the numerous physical demands of the game. Nothing can quite compare to another human being driving their shoulder into your ribcage during a full sprint, but burpees come close. As my life progressed I started volunteering with the local fire department. Once again the functionality of the crossfit methodology showed it's usefulness. From swinging axes to dragging hoses, having a multi modal training system proved beneficial in adapting to the numerous unique physical demands of the fire service.


As a trainer at Crossfit Collective I cherish the opportunity to help others develop and discover the everyday uselessness of a functional fitness programming.