Dropped in while visiting family. Everyone was super friendly as is typical of any Crossfit gym. It was great walking in to a partner WOD and feeling like a part of the group while also getting some great instruction from the coach. I was also able to pick her brain afterwards about their nutrition program, which is something my gym is lacking. This will be the gym I go to when I’m in town.
— Zane Miller
Wow! I dropped in to crossfit collective for a Saturday workout before a wedding and I absolutely got my money’s worth! The community was amazing. I’m pretty sure nearly every single person said hi to me and the WOD was skillfully crafted and left me smoked!
To say I recommend this place wouldn’t be enough. This is what crossfit is all about personified in one box.
— Brandon Corbett
After almost a year at Crossfit Collective I’m stronger and healthier than I have been in a long time. The people are fun and encouraging. The coaches are great! Jeremiah’s focus on good functional basics and teaching progressions of movements makes me feel like I’m learning every day. Crossfit for life!
— Jonathan Bornman
Great box to drop in on! Coaches were adamant about warm-up and form. And, total mobility geeks! Members were super friendly and encouraging. When I’m back in town, I’ll head here for sure.
— Lori Spafford
CrossFit Collective is an extremely well run gym with a very knowledgable staff. Jeremiah has gone above and beyond with the programming and makes CrossFit approachable for all levels. I will absolutely be back when in town and would send anyone from Lancaster/York PA his way! Thanks for having us!
— Courtney Shoemaker
When I joined CFC I gained so much more than a gym membership. I truly joined a collective of individuals who cared about their well being in more than just spending time at a gym. I gained friends in the coaches and other members. I began to take a better all around approach for my health and an appreciation for the effects that simple changes can make when you commit to owning them. The most amazing part came recently after getting bloodwork results which were compared to last year’s results. My total cholesterol dropped from 198 to 135, the HDL rose 10 points to healthy levels, and my LDL dropped 30 points from above target to below target numbers. The biggest change was my triglycerides which cut down in more than half, from 289 to 118. I can truly say that without CFC and all the support I do not think I would have seen such amazing returns in my health. Numbers don’t lie, but I didn’t need those numbers to tell me I have gotten healthier. I feel it every day.
— John Kusnierz
I was visiting family in Lancaster from Spokane, Wa, and I have to say Jeremiah was awesome. My daughter who is 15 and I hit some PR’s with his knowledge within our first week! The whole box was very friendly and we learned some things that our box did not teach! Thank you for a great week!
— Carl Bays