All the opportunities listed below come with support in nutrition, recovery instruction, creative lifestyle application, and connecting in the learning process. We fully believe we can offer you an amazing experience (maybe the best hour of your day!) at a price point you can afford.

If you are in the Military or are a First Responder, ask about special pricing for your service!


Personal Training

We set the standard in what you should expect in a Coach: trustworthy, professional, reliable, competent, supportive, and challenging.

Our premium service includes both in-person sessions, as well as "homework" between sessions to keep you accountable. We pride ourselves in offering holistic, longevity-based coaching, that is completely custom to your priorities, needs, and goals. Nutrition counseling, Lifestyle organization, Recovery habits, and Physical Skills are all included.

Everything is controlled through assessments that prove measurability, repeatability, and sustainability. We have the right Coach for YOU!


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Group Training

When you know that a Coach is looking forward to working with you it's motivating, but even more so when there's a whole group of like-minded individuals who are looking forward to working out with you each day!

Our premiere group training classes utilize CrossFit method training that we have used effectively to meet goals of hundreds of clients who want to live a lifestyle of health and fitness, with a ton of fun along the way!

Group training memberships are the most economical way to stay goal oriented, supported, and challenged on a daily basis. Many of our members radically changed their lives for the good, in part because of the fantastic community and culture we have at the Collective.

A year from now, you'll BE GLAD you started TODAY!

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